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Sea bass to the Mediterranean

The sea bream, sea bass and corvina that have been raised through aquaculture are very fresh fish of the highest quality. To recognize them easily, they now wear an identification tag affixed to the gills with the seal 'Crianza de Nuestros Mares'.

The golden one is a sure bet for all the pockets, the wild one of the fish by its price, versatility and flavor. It is a fish that is always surprising and easy to prepare. Our proposal is a light and simple recipe of roasted sea bream on a bed of roasted vegetables. For its part, the sea bass is an option that always leaves a good place, a proposal that everyone likes and gives a different touch to a menu. And, finally, the croaker, a white fish with meat that is smooth and very tasty, is very appreciated in the kitchen because it allows a great variety of preparations.

In short, fish raised on our coasts with the seal 'Crianza de Nuestros Mares' that, once we took home, gave rise to proposals such as this Sea Bass to the Me…
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How is the menu of the Mediterranean diet to lose weight healthily?

The Mediterranean is one of the most tourist and loved areas in the world. The warm climate and the coast are the greatest luxury for many. In addition, it enjoys a gastronomy and crops that provide the healthiest foods in nutritional quality. Therefore, the Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the best model to follow to take care of our health and, incidentally, lose weight. It is the most varied diet of all, in it you have fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, vegetables, nuts, bread and vegetable fat.
What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet? The goal of any diet is to properly dose the nutrients; In the case of the Mediterranean, there is no one who wins. In addition, the food pyramid was developed in order to order all its products to understand how to take them. This is what it tells us:

Olive oil is essential in Mediterranean cuisine.If the food is seasonal, not frozen, better.Hydrates are supplied by cereals such as rice, pasta, and a fundamental product: bread.5 pieces …

Ekilibria, new program of Nutritional Diagnosis

A plan that provides the necessary information to achieve a balanced diet for the family and that also helps to achieve this with practical proposals such as savings, recommendations, current information, recipes with seasonal products, a nutritional adviser ...

Eroski has launched Ekilibria, a pioneering program that uses new information technologies to help consumers practice healthy eating. A service available to any Eroski Club Member that is already operating in the Balearic Islands.

Personalized nutritional diagnosis
Consumers can access the program through this address, where they can register to obtain their personalized nutritional diagnosis. It is a monthly report with the result of the analysis of purchases, compared with the nutritional criteria recommended by the scientific community.

The diagnosis takes into account the composition of the household - number of members, adults and children - and the frequency of meals at home. You can also see the evolution of the diet ov…

A weekly Menu based on the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is more than a diet, it is a whole philosophy of life based on a different way of feeding ourselves, cooking food, sharing it and enjoying our surroundings. A diet in which what we eat is as important as the way we do it.

Declared by the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, however, in Spain the adherence to the Mediterranean Diet has decreased significantly, being the second country, after Greece, which has moved further away from it. Currently, the contribution of fat has increased and, when four decades ago it constituted only 25% of the diet, now it is 40%.

However, when Spaniards are asked if they are following a Mediterranean diet, 41% of respondents say they follow it often, 21% follow it and 26% think it follows it sometimes or never. The consequence? Spain occupies the third position in obesity prevalence in the world with a rate of 13.9%, only behind the United States (22.5%) and the United Kingdom (17%).

Therefore it is important to recove…

Fiber in the diet: studies

Increasing the consumption of fiber in the diet helped more people in their weight loss plan and to improve their health. Important information for women, below:

A diet rich in fiber can be more profitable for a person than one that changes the consumption of several foods. This is confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, in the United States.

According to this important institution, people who consumed more fiber not only lost weight more effectively, but also reduced their blood pressure levels and sugar levels.

"For people for whom following complex dietary recommendations is difficult, a diet easy to follow with a single message (increase fiber intake) could be the solution," said study author Dr. Yunsheng Ma, associate professor from the Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Massachusetts, Worcester.

The investigation

According to the Medline Plus medical portal, 240 adults who had a risk of type 2 di…

Pros and cons of miracle diets.

Losing a lot of weight in a few days or weeks can be dangerous for a person's health. Truths about miracle diets here.

Eat a lot and then do not eat. Assign points to the meals and take the allowed ones. Restrict the intake of certain foods ... The world of miracle diets is a complete universe of formulas, calories and sacrifices where immediate results are expected with almost no effort.

The "miracle diets" are the resource of many women who expect to lose several kilos in a matter of days or weeks, without taking into account their metabolism and in general, their health. Hence, the medical community agrees that using and abusing these diets is a risk that no one should take.

More cons than pros

And is that many people, in the eagerness to lose weight as soon as possible, search the Internet called "miracle diets" surprised by the results they can see in their friends, family or colleagues.

But there are more negative points that can be applied to this type of…

Cooking with less fat is possible!

Healthy eating is a reality. More and more alternatives are available to enjoy delicious foods with less fat, cholesterol and calories.

You've probably heard when someone says, for example, that they have high cholesterol. Well, there is a good cholesterol that protects the inner wall of the arteries so they do not get stuck and a bad cholesterol that causes plaques to be produced in these arteries, so they narrow and obstruct. This generates the dreaded heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents. In case you did not know, high cholesterol is a silent problem; You only realize that you have it with a blood test.

On the other hand, poor nutrition is also responsible for obesity and overweight, the diseases that most affect the world today. Since 1980, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cases of obesity have doubled. In 2013, 42 million children under 5 were overweight on the planet and, in 2014, 39% of people over 18 faced the same situation and 13% suffered from obe…